Current Projects

Location: Brisbane / Client: McNab

Aria Trellis - 12 Storey Highrise with 3 basements, concrete place and finish. 

Location: Brisbane / Client: St Hilliers

Aveo - 9 Storey with 2 basement Highrise concrete placement and finish.

Location: Amberley / Client: Apollo Property 

MEOMS Electrical workshop upgrades - FRP.

Location: Amberley / Client: Defense - St Hilliers

9FSB Electrical workshop upgrades - FRP. 

Location: Coomera / Client: Akela

Coomera Springs Access Ramp 3 Tier Access Ramp and stairs  - FRP.

Location: South East Queensland / Client: Nileport Projects 

Multi storey apartments throughout South East Queensland - FRP.

Location: Brisbane / Client: Mainbrace Constructions

South pine sports complex concrete package - FRP.

Location: Mount Isa / Client: Glencore

Mount Isa Mines GFM Project. 

Past Projects

Location: Amberley / Client: St Hilliers

Concrete works / upgrades to fuel bowser plinths, Generator slabs, kerbs and chanel works. 

Location: Greenbank / Client: McIlwain

Demo and removal of exsisting culverts along ring road, Construct 14 new RCBC culverts on the road and backfill. 

Location: Townsville / Client: St Hilliers

Upgrade of the RAAF Fuel depot work, consisting of excavations work. Installing electrical pits and backfill trenches. Lay and reseal new asphalt roads. 

Location: Brisbane / Client: Shamrock Civil

Concrete package including, Traffic Islands, BCC Kerb Ramps, Kerb and Channels and exposed concrete footpaths to BCC standards. 

Location: Kokoda Barracks - Defence / Client: Shamrock Civil

Prepare new hardstand area, form edges and install reinforcement throughout the 2200m2 of new hardstand. The hardstand thicknesss range from 230mm - 350mm.

Location: Tallebudgera / Client: City of Goldcoast

Construction of the substructure headstocks for the Coplick pedestrian bridge structure that was to be replaced. Marine retaining walls on the water side of the abutments including concrete works footpaths and retaining walls to enable the footpath.  

Location: Cannington Mine / Client: South 32

Installation of screw piles including sewer, drainage and plumbing works. Installation of electrical & comms and fire services. Craneage and placement of 31 ATCO modular accommodation units. Form prep and placement of ground slabs and pavements. Landscaping & commissioning works. 

Location: GBTA Defence / Client: McIlwain

Setout, excavation, form reinforcement prep & pour roadway culverts and headwalls. Inclusive of aprons, wings and rat walls. Supply & install temporary works. 

Location: Carmichael Rail Project / Client: BMD

Supply and placement of formwork, placement and fixing of steel reinforcement, concrete placement works and installation of Pre-Cast Box Culverts. 

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore

Installation of 2km underground water poly line (250mm poly pipe) from Tailings Dam to George Fisher Mine underground 9lvl bore hole via two holding tanks.

Location: Death Adder Gully / Client: Glencore

Dewatering poly works including installation of 450 – 800mm poly pipe from Death Adder Gully through to Max’s pond, 3km plus installation of three pumps, floating pump pontoon and walkway, in situ concrete pipe supports and pre-cast.

Location: Clean In Clean Out Pond / Client: Glencore

Bulk Earthworks excavation of the Clean In Clean Out Pond, 4500m3. Installation of 900mm round concrete pipe across May Downs Road and construction of concrete spillways and associated rock protection.

Location: MICC Treatment plant / Client: Mt Isa City Council

Upgrade installation of concrete spillways, concrete sump construction in situ - pre-cast lids. Construction of flow splitting walls and adjustable stainless steel flood control gates. Various concrete foundations for filtration units.

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore

George Fisher Sd6-7 Dewatering project 3.5 km of 315mm poly pipe. Installation of six pumps and associated concrete foundations, pre-cast and in situ concrete pipe supports. Installation of pontoon and walkway to Sediment Dam Seven.

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore

Lower Star Gully Dewatering Installation of 315m poly pipe from Lower Star Gully to discharge point at Black Star Open Pit – Installation of two road crossings and associated stakeholder engagement and logistics.

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore

Paste Plant Quadro divertor and contingency line installation. Mechanical install of new Quadro diverter and 1km of paste line.

Location: Red Path Batch Plant Civil / Client: Glencore

Works to fill and compact 3000m3 materials to form the base for the concrete works to be completed as a foundation for the new red path batch plant installation at x41.

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore CSA

Paste plant pre-screenin. Set-up and commission mobile screening plant to pre-screen tailings before paste plant.

Location: Lake Moondarra / Client: Mount Isa Water Board

Air Diffuser installation. Installation of solar air diffuser units to Lake Moondarra in an effort to disrupt blue green algae including 80m of 110mm poly installation, construction and mechanical install of main diffuser unit into the lake, survey and set of underwater concrete anchor blocks and installation of solar air diffuser units throughout the clear water lagoon.

Location: George Fisher Mine / Client: Glencore

Deployment renovations. Full office renovation with the addition of four extra offices added. This included 330m2 of concrete with under slab drainage and erection of custom-made steel shelter to cover an area 30m x 10m.

Location: Mt Isa Mines / Client: Glencore

Concrete Media Bunkers. Construction of four 45m3 concrete media bunkers in locations within the Mt Isa Mines mine site.

Location: Diamantina Power Station / Client: APA Group

Transformer Bay. Construction of Transformer Bay and Blast Wall.

Location: Diamantina Power Station / Client: APA Group

Carpark Extensions. Construction of carpark & bitumen works.

Location: Mount Colin/ Client: Round Oak Minerals

Pipeline Installation. Installation of concrete pad and pipeline.