Our People

Why it Works

Our teams are known for their open and proactive approach and are committed to the principles of collaborative contracting. We understand for our clients the delivery journey is as important as the final product.

Each Novar Group team is defined by the project they are delivering. Our teams are selected on a best-fit-basis. Novar Group have the resources to appoint the right people for each project based on technical skills and the role they will play within the broader construction team. From the initial tender stage, we involve nominated team members – chosen specifically for the best fit of skills and character to the client’s project ensuring consistent and expert guidance from the start. Novar Group is fortunate to employ a pool of talented people, across all levels of staff who bring experience in all market sectors.

Ongoing training and development programs keep our staff skills at the forefront of industry best practice, essential to successful project outcomes.

Meet the Team

Brad Black / CEO

Having successfully started 2 companies in the past 10 years, Brad is dedicated to giving the customers what they want on time and to the highest quality without compromising safety. Brad is an active and hands on manager, and his leadership style is one that is demonstrated in his day to day actions. 

Damien Heather / HSEQ & Systems Manager

Novar Groups’ Workplace Health and Safety Adviser with over 30 years’ practical experience within the construction and civil industry and 15 years’ hands-on experience as a Workplace Health and Safety Officer. He has a strong focus on workplace health, safety and environmental compliance to promote a safety-first culture within an organisation. Personal interest in workplace teams and individuals, assisting them to perform their roles to the optimum whilst not compromising safety. Damien’s extensive experience has afforded him with in depth working knowledge of rail, defence, council, TMR and RMS unique technical specifications and the commercial implementation of such requirements, providing a broad offering, adaptable to varying scopes and complex technical challenges.

Michael Walsh / Project Manager

With 30 years of Project Management experience in delivering technical engineering projects while overseeing business operations. Michael has the ability to deliver on client expectations within budget and on time. He has strong leadership and interpersonal skills and able to drive project teams across all phases of the projects with due precision at a high-quality standard. Through consultation and collaboration, Michael sets a path for both business and projects teams to target their deliverables and achieve collective end goals.

Brad Jenner / Superintendent

Brad has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry and has become a key team leader in Novar Group’s onsite execution of contracts. Brad has a unique ability to understand complex technical information and to quickly translate this to his team in a manner that gets the best out of his people and the best outcome for our clients.

Tim Cole / Site Supervisor

Tim has 14 years’ experience in the civil and mining industry, having delivered large scale and complex projects to top tier organisations. Tim is a trade qualified carpenter who has worked as a skilled tradesman through to Project Manager. His broad experience means he connects the full breadth of project delivery to provide client focused outcomes.