Our People

Why it Works

Our teams are recognised throughout the industry for their commitment to collaborative contracting, as well as their proactive approach to every job.

We understand that, for our clients, the delivery journey is just as important as the final product.

Each Novar Group team is defined by the project it is delivering and is selected on a best-fit-basis. We dedicate our resources to appointing the right people for every project, based on factors such as their technical skills and the role they will play within the broader construction team.

From the initial tender stage, we involve nominated team members to ensure consistent and expert guidance from the start.

Novar Group prides itself on developing a team of talented people, across all areas of the business and all levels of staff, bringing experience in all market sectors.

Ongoing training and development programs keep our staff skills at the forefront of industry best practice – an essential factor in achieving successful project outcomes.

Meet the Team

Brad Black / CEO

As the driving force behind highly successful mining service provider Innovar, Brad brings a wealth of expertise in both civil and mining projects to his role as CEO of Novar Group. His trade, technical and leadership experience has seen the company grow exponentially since its inception.

With a strong focus on creating collaborative partnerships, together with a hands-on approach, Brad consistently ensures a high level of excellence is delivered to every client. His various talents centre around effective problem-solving, flexibility and efficient project management. Brad is proactive in creating a great working environment for his employees and focuses on retaining and attracting hard-working professionals to join the fold.

Kevin Traynor / Operations General Manager

He’s worked with some of Australia’s leading top-tier contractors to deliver high-profile billion-dollar infrastructure projects across Queensland. Now, as Novar Group’s head of operations, Kevin draws on some 15 years as a chartered professional engineer with extensive experience in all facets of civil construction – from major highways to infrastructure and pipeline projects.

Kevin is an exceptional leader who drives excellence and innovation across all of Novar Group’s business activities. As Operations General Manager, Kevin oversees the delivery of all projects, leads bidding activities and manages business operations.

Colin Wilson / Civil Manager and Construction Manager

With an extensive 15-year career in the civil construction industry, both in commercial building in Ireland and in civil infrastructure in Queensland and New South Wales, Colin is a valuable addition to the Novar Group team. Colin has been vital in the estimation and delivery of Novar Group’s new, larger projects and provides support with technical engineering, innovation, alternative offers, design and construct insights, safety systems, quality management, and project management. Colin’s background of delivering infrastructure for government bodies such as TMR, RMS, QR and local councils has been vital in the growth of Novar Group and enables our company to be commercially and technically competitive in these markets throughout the country. With Colin’s continued efforts, Novar Group is poised for strong growth.

Tim Cole / Superintendent and Project Manager

Tim has over 14 years’ experience in the civil and mining industry, having delivered large-scale, complex projects to many top-tier organisations. Tim has a natural aptitude for leadership and ensures that all project team members are focused on maintaining safety, program, budget and systems compliance. Tim is also responsible for resource allocation and client liaison and oversees all aspects of project delivery.

Eathan Crosby / Supervisor

Eathan has over 10 years in the construction and mining industries. Eathan has an impeccable safety record and, as a leader, he prides himself on the quality of workmanship his team delivers.